Stereotypical views of women in the workplace are not holding women back as they were 30 years ago.

Today women are taking a role of leadership in every industry. Examples of women movers and shakers that serve as role models for women that are pulling themselves out of poverty include Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has encouraged many struggling women to rise and pull themselves up out of the stereotypical role that she was subjugated to for centuries. Today women make excellent sales people. Sales is the the highest paid vocation you can enter. The top sales people often make more than doctors and lawyers do.

We interviewed some business owners that may have opportunities for women in leadership role positions. Bruce Ruderman, a chiropractor in Nyack said, Many women are natural nurturers. They take the time to invest and nurture relationships. These are excellent skills for chiropractors building a local practice. Reaching out and nurturing those relationships builds trust and loyalty in your patients.

Steve Cassell of JSC Enterprises a Conyers pressure washing company comments, “Woman make wonderful sales people in the home improvement industry. We find that our clients respect a woman that can answer their questions in a knowledgeable way. They also appreciate a sales person that takes the time to answer and return their phone calls. People complain that this is usually their biggest frustration when dealing with contractors.”

What about alternative health field? Dr. Torey has a chiropractic office in Braselton Georgia, tells us that his best massage therapists are female. “Many people feel comfortable with a woman more than a man when getting a massage treatment. His massage therapists bill for more than $60.00 an hour and enjoy a good living with reoccurring business. I definitely would recommend the massage industry he says. Schooling is affordable and you can start building clientèle immediately.”

Dr. Jim Romano has a chiropractic office in Middletown NY, tells us that many of his colleagues are women. “I know many women that have built big practices as chiropractors. They take the time to build trust and invest in the relationship with their patients and are rewarded with successful practices.”


Who We Are

The Women’s Committee of 100 is a group of feminist academics, professionals, and activists who are concerned with the relationship between women, economic survival, and the work of caregiving. We have developed this statement in light of our research and our continuing commitment to ending women’s poverty.